Jaa jag har så SJUKTENORTMT tråkigt.
Sitter i min nya lägenhet i Oslo. Sitter i sängen och brevid sitter Sofia.
Båda två sitter med datorena på varsinsida. Ok jaa jag har jätte tråkigt värkligen.
Så tråkigt att jag gick in på Ni vet den sidan man skaffa när man gick i 4:an.
Men shisses orkade inte med den tråkiga sidan och så "stängde" dom hotellet haha!
Så nu sitter jag på, ballaste chatt sidan som skappats.
Snackat med den här "danny" ass länge pratar tyska nu. Hahah
Jaa som sagt så är jag väldigt UTTRÅÅKAD!!

Konversationen hitills

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hi
Stranger: how ru
You: hi
You: im fine and u ?
Stranger: Im fine also, thnx for asking
Stranger: where u from
You: im from sweden and u ?
Stranger: the netherlands
You: Oooh thats i nice place :)
Stranger: thnx
You: ur welcome :)
Stranger: ive never been in sweden but i wanna visite it, it seems to be cool there
You: Yeah its cool somtimes but not in the winter verry cold and snow..
Stranger: are u male or female?
You: im a female
You: u?
Stranger: yeah okey ill get that, here also
Stranger: nice
Stranger: im a 24 y old male
You: okej. so whats up in the netherlands then
Stranger: at the moment cold and windy
You: btw im 19 in case u wanted to know
You: oh that sucks!
Stranger: shit happens, but im sitting dry inside, chatting with u
Stranger: :P
Stranger: LOL
You: Yeah thats good :P
Stranger: and did u do some fun stuff today?
You: hmm so whats the time in the netherlands
Stranger: 0:40
You: No acthelly i didnt..
Stranger: ill think the same time as at yours
You: whent to a resturant and eat brekfast and then home.
You: u ?
Stranger: im a little ill, so ive been in my bed for te most time :S
You: yeah same time.. didnt know we had same timezone.
Stranger: yeah we do have :
Stranger: :P
You: oh now i know :P
Stranger: lol
Stranger: what kind of thinks do u like to do?
You: hmm ill.. did u party last night maby ;P
Stranger: no not only today, im feeling sick since last monday, but im still going on
You: hmm annyting, basketball dance, and just chill out,
You: and u ?
Stranger: and yes ive party a bit this weekend
Stranger: with some frends at home
You: since monday oh thats a long tine
Stranger: it is but i cant sit still
You: hmm the netherland ( holland) is it a big party city or what ? :P
You: haha.
Stranger: i like to play some soccer, dance, listen to music, watching a movie, chilling out with frends and make a lot of fun
You: dont u go to work :P
Stranger: not where i live, its a boring hole here
Stranger: ill work
Stranger: ive worked whole week
Stranger: but im thinking to report myself sick tomorrow
Stranger: what kind of music do u like?
Stranger: still there?
You: yeah im here
Stranger: nice
You: i listen to annyting. hiphop rock u name it
You: and u ?
Stranger: also, i almost like every kind of music
Stranger: what is ur name, if i may ask?
You: Yvonne
You: and u?
Stranger: Danny
Stranger: nice name Yvonne
Stranger: nice to meet u
You: Nice to meat you danny :P
Stranger: thnx
You: hmm.. what do u want to talk about then ?
Stranger: doest matter, u deside
Stranger: its ur call :P
Stranger: tell me were u wanna talk about
You: No i dont no. im verry bad at diciding things like that :/
Stranger: me to :P
Stranger: are u still going to college or are u already working
You: Im working :)
You: at 7 eleven:P
Stranger: what kind of work do u do?
You: in norway :P ( live in norway now)
Stranger: okejj
Stranger: but what kind of work do u do Yvonne?
You: Do u know aboy 7 eleven?
You: about*
Stranger: no doesnt says me anythink
You: hmm.. okej, 7 eleven is like international..
You: its like a shop, food and snacks and news papers gum, buss tickets yeah u name it!
Stranger: okay
You: dont u hav 7 eleven were u live ? :O
Stranger: no
You: okej..
Stranger: im working as parcell delivery
You: hmm.. do u have mc donald´s then
Stranger: we have
Stranger: :P
Stranger: dont u
You: okej so do u deliver stuff then ?
Stranger: ill do
Stranger: packages
You: yeah ofc we have! :P
Stranger: i tought so
You: like letters and stuff like that ?
Stranger: how do u mean
Stranger: ill get it
Stranger: no like boxes
You: aah i see :)
Stranger: big postals
You: thats cool but is it fun ?
Stranger: it is
Stranger: do u like ur work
You: coz i think thats the most importent . to have a job thats fun :)
Stranger: thats true
You: hmm.. i don´t now. havent started jet. i start 21 october. But my frieand, she works there and she says its verry stressfull..
Stranger: okejj
You: but i think i will like it.
Stranger: ok
You: coz im that kind of person who likes to meat new peopel all the time
Stranger: how do u like?
Stranger: look like i mean
You: aaah ,
Stranger: may i ask that?
You: yeah you can ask annythin you like :P
You: hmm, kind of hard to explain how i look like :O
You: :P*
You: can i just say that im hot! :P
Stranger: okey
Stranger: why that?
You: ( that was a joke)
Stranger: haha
You: hm, im short,
Stranger: lol
You: black hiar
You: hm, cant u just ask and then i can answer ? maby
Stranger: haha
Stranger: color or ur eyes?
You: brow
You: brown
You: and u?
Stranger: im 1,75 m bonde hair and blue eyes
You: i love blue eyes ! :P
Stranger: okay
Stranger: are u single or do u have an relationship?
You: im singel..
You: and u ?
Stranger: im single also
You: okej why is that so then :P
Stranger: had a long relation, lived together but she cheated on me
You: Oh.. thts susck..
Stranger: that thinks happen
You: me to but not the chiting part..
You: yeah..
Stranger: how long where u together?
You: 1 year and 4 months.
Stranger: okay
Stranger: mine more then 4,5 years
You: oh that was a verry long time.
Stranger: yeah it was
Stranger: what do u think its important in a guy?
You: it depends, but how he treats u.
You: and the look but not allways,
Stranger: okey
You: that he can make u smile when u are sad and angry
Stranger: ill make a change
You: why do u say so ?
Stranger: cuz im treat girls good and im alway make them happy when they are sad
Stranger: im not that good lookin
Stranger: so thats why i say that :P
You: But the looks arent that importent. Coz if u are like a funny guy and easy going and the girl you are whit is happy and laughs whit you not at you then the looks arent importent
Stranger: okeyy ur sweet
You: and if you treat her god and stand up for her its no problem!
Stranger: yeah okay
Stranger: do u wanna know anythink about me?
You: so whats the most importent in a girl then. so i can learn some :)
Stranger: that shes nice to men, not that she says do this do that
Stranger: a nice inner person
Stranger: who can stand up for her selve
Stranger: that are the most important thinks for me
You: Okej.
i can stand up for my self so that one i got.
and everything els to.. but sometimes it happens, that im a bit bossy.. so that one i migth change :)
Stranger: u could
Stranger: :P
Stranger: its not that bad if u are sometimes a bit bussy
Stranger: bossy*
You: Yeah then i will do that Danny! :)
Stranger: u are a good maddam Yvonne! :)
You: yeah, but i think that can be a bit enoing for the athor person maby..
Stranger: if u are sometimes a bit bossy its not that bad
You: okej :)
You: hmm.. do u do anny sports or have anny hobbies ?
Stranger: i like to pay some soccer, ive already sayd that :P but not in a club, just with frends because im working a lot
Stranger: and hobbies, ive already said it also :P
You: Oh soccer/fotball. so i gues u cheer on LIVERPOOL then:D
Stranger: no not at all
Stranger: thats the uk
Stranger: im from holland
Stranger: do u remember? :P
You: yeah i know
Stranger: im cheering fc Twente
You: but do you only whatch fotboll games from holland ?
Stranger: a dutch football club
Stranger: mostly
You: oh, never heard of them..:/
You: :O
You: do u speak
You: germen ?
Stranger: ill speak a little german, why?
You: i can speak som germen :)
Stranger: ok cool
You: guten tag Danny :P
Stranger: Ein guten tag Yvonne, wie gehtst mit dir
Stranger: verstehst du das?
Stranger: can u read that?
You: yeah the fist sentecs i get
You: but not : verstehst du das?
You: ich bin gut :)
You: wie gets danny?
Stranger: it means like can u read that or do u get it
Stranger: mit mir gethst güt!
You: oh hehe
You: i can like intruduce my self in germen
Stranger: oke
You: and say a funny word, and the basics
You: :P
Stranger: tell me
You: intrudce my self +
You: ?*
Stranger: yeah
You: okej
You: but im not good in speling in germen.. just so you know.
Stranger: its okey
Stranger: but its german and not germen ( sorry for that )
You: hallo, mein Name ist Yvonne. Ich bin ein 19year alt und komme aus Schweden. In meiner Freizeit spiele ich Basketball und hängen mit meinen Freunden.
Stranger: so that sounds good
You: ch lebe in norwegen und die arbeit auf 7 elf.
You: seruesly ? :O
Stranger: yes
Stranger: its better then my german
You: i took GERMAN clas when i was younger
Stranger: ok cool
Stranger: can u wait for a sex
Stranger: sec*
Stranger: sorry
You: yes.
You: no its okay :p
Stranger: thnx
Stranger: im back
Stranger: are u also still there
You: yepp
Stranger: sweet
Stranger: did u ever visite holland?
You: hm, i have bin in holland once at the airport when i was like a baby :P
You: we stoped there to change plane
Stranger: okej
Stranger: but do u wanna to visite holland some time?
You: so i dont rember annything about it..
Stranger: ill get that
You: yeah but not Amsterdam.. coz its like drugs and stuff like that there..
You: so annywere els but not amsterdam.
Stranger: yeah ill know
Stranger: u visite my city
Stranger: :P
Stranger: :$
You: whats your citys name ?
Stranger: Winterswijk
Stranger is typing...
You: Hm, i think i must google that . :S

Jaa.. Haha Sofia Spelar Röj, ett av spelen som finns i datorn från början
och hon kan till och med reglerna och hur man ska göra. Oh så rullar hon tummarna också!


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