Visar inlägg från februari, 2013

In love with Mr. S - Ting du inte vet om mig # 14

Vilken är din föräldraprofil?

Stomach has regained the appetite: Breakfast!

Nichole to daycare. Important meeting for me

Thank you god: for this wonderful day

Tisdag - 06:41

Helgerna tycks bara bli bättre och bättre

Bye blogg - I'm in deppmode

Öga mot öga - Mannen som misshandlat

Helgen i sin helhet.

When your body tells you to STOP..

This opportunity will only come once in my life.

I had the best Valentine's day ever!

Want to be updated?

Big plans for Valentine's Day.

Dagens klädsel - It's time to learn something.

Dagens skämt.

Why do i have a big TV?

I don't wanna play anymore.

Rappa Pappa Rappa Pappa

Dagens klädsel - Stripes!

15:47 - A sore loser

When words are not enough..

New In:

Awesome Weekend.

Friday - 12:15

Well hello Friday!

När ens barn säger ett av det fulaste orden man kan säga.

I will be burning a lot of fat this month!

En medveten bloggtorka..

Melodifstivalen 2013 -

OH, and i feel like a "million bucks"!

Can someone come and shoot me!? This is so boring you have no idea. SHOOT me!